Mexico – Land of the Sombrero

Collage of Mexican Cigarette PAcks

Exciting! A new blog, about the beauty and history of cigarette collections. I’ve already listed the coolest American packs. I’ll get back to talking about them in future posts.

Today, though, we’re taking a trip to the land of the sombrero. Great way to keep the sun out of your eyes!

One of the coolest packs in here actually features a cowboy, or vaquero, sporting a red-and-green sombrero, with his saber drawn and his trusty steed lunging through the air. Where’s he going? Defending Mexican freedom? Fighting for his señorita, his rose growing in the desert? Attacking trespassers on his tobacco field?


Patriotas Reverse

Actually, it seems as though he’s about to hack the top of the cactus on the other side of the pack. Hey, maybe he’s thirsty. That cactus holds a lot of water!



Faros NuevosMexico has a lot more to offer than just desert. The Faros Nuevos pack features an ocean liner cutting through the waves of the romantic Caribbean, or perhaps the Pacific. A lighthouse in the background beams light through a rippling sky. Where shall we sail today? Bring me that horizon!



SoberbiosAnother stunning cover is the rooster gracing the Soberbios pack. Wake up with a cock-a-doodle-doo! In between feeding the hens and plowing the maize, take a break with a Soberbios smoke.

Check out the other packs in the picture at the top of this post and add your thoughts about them in the comments below!

*Look out for my next post, as we journey to Egypt.